Are Past Lives Real?

Have you ever asked yourself or wondered if you have been reincarnated? Are past lives real, and if they are, how can we know they are? If you’ve been asking these or similar questions, you’ll be glad to know that almost every person that has ever walked the planet has asked similar questions to those at some point in their life.

It is fair to say that there are no new souls and everyone that is here has been here before. Any close examination of nature shows the regeneration of things that come, go, and come again. This alone should be enough for the average person to understand that their soul has existed for a very, very long time, and they have been here many times before. If you are curious about these mysteries, it would be wise to consider a past life reading in the future.

Why Isn’t Anyone Able To Remember Their Past Lives?

Within us all is a collective consciousness and within that consciousness are the memories of all of our past lives. But most of us have not matured enough to be able to access those memories. Someone may have vague glimpses of those past lives, and if they don’t understand them, then it may be disturbing for them. But it is highly likely that at some point in the future that more and more people will begin to remember who they have been.

Many people believe that our inability to remember past lives is a blessing. With each new life, we’re able to begin anew. We get a fresh start. Many people wish in their lifetime that they could get a fresh start, but we all do. If you were able to remember your past lives, you would also remember all of your misdeeds. If you did something atrociously bad, then you might live a life of guilt instead of taking advantage of this new opportunity.

If you were one of those who were among the super-rich in a past life but in this one you’re very poor or even homeless, it could be excruciating to have those memories firmly in your mind. You would remember all of the luxuries and advantages that you had, and you would ask yourself why you must suffer this horrible fate in this life.

In our development, it would be emotionally distressful and sometimes even heartbreaking if we were able to remember our past lives. We might have memories of those we loved and are no longer able to be with, or we may remember good or bad things, and when compared to this life it may bring us grief.

Is Possible To Remember a Past Life?

There are those who have achieved the ability to remember at least part of a past life or past lives. These are rare individuals who are in some ways highly advanced spiritually. They are likely to live a very normal life now, and the majority of people around them have no idea that they are aware of their own past lives.

An individual who is capable of remembering past lives has likely decided that they want to do so and has put considerable effort into developing their ability to recognize. There are consequences for taking this path and those who do so find that they not only remember other lives in their past but it also opens up psychic abilities that they may or may not want. In fact, it is believed by some of the more spiritually advanced that remembering past lives is one of the psychic abilities humans have the capacity for.

Similar to gaining any other knowledge, being able to remember your past and to see the good and bad choices that you made in them allows you to make better choices in this life. If someone puts in the hard work of developing this psychic ability, they will usually have the spiritual advancement to be able to detach themselves from any negative aspects of that memory.

Increase Your Consciousness

Focusing on the development of your spiritual advancement and connecting with the universal consciousness is the best way to go about developing psychic abilities. It isn’t necessary to do so because the life you’re living right now is the most important. If you allow yourself to become too obsessed with remembering past lives it could have an adverse effect.

But for someone who seeks to advance themselves spiritually and to benefit others in a healthy way, they can attain the psychic ability to remember their past lives. Are you still asking the question, are past lives real? Hopefully, after reading this you now know that they are real, but whether you remember them or not doesn’t matter as much as living a life worth living now.


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